K. Nazaryan: Armenian nation now has moral responsibility to work to prevent genocides in future

On April 12 discussions on “Prevention of Genocides” theme were held at the UN central residence. Press and information department of Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs about this.

Armenian permanent representative to the UN Karen Nazaryan delivered speech at the conference. K. Nazaryan underlined that Armenian nation bore genocide on 1915 and was the most terrible expression of racism. Armenian nation now has moral responsibility to work to prevent genocides in future.

He spoke about the crime which was committed by Ottoman Empire and also referred to its consequences. Armenian diplomat noted that Armenia welcomed efforts by governments, parliaments, international and non-governmnetal organizations, experts on genocide and also efforts by Turk intellectuals and ordinary citizens who support Armenia in the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

Film by Michael Hakobyan “The river became red” was shown during the discussions. After it honored professor of Michigan University Denis Papazyan, professor of Massachusetts Ervin Schtub, head of the Armenian films foundation, director Carla Garabedyan delivered speeches. Armenian-American organizations assisted this meeting to take place.

On April 2 works by Armenian artists from Armenia and the Diaspora were presented at Bergen University in New-Jersey state.

The exhibition was delivered to the 97th anniversary of Armenian Genocide. It was led by Armenian-American artist Shoghak Hovhannisyan and had the headline “Broken history and restored identity”.

Armenian Ambassador to the UN also attended the event with many other guests. He rated the exhibition.

The exhibition will be closed on April 23 and Armenian-American well-known writer Peter  Balaqyan will deliver speech on that day.

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