The next inquiry before the elections: will people elect and whom will they elect?

Many sociological companies, well-known and not so much, hold various sociological inquires to find out whether the society is interested in elections whether it will participate in the elections and which party people prefer more.

“Center of the political-social researches” presented the results of its inquiries today during the meeting with the journalists.

Coordinator of the center Karen Vardanyan informed that the inquiry was held in Yerevan and in the Armenian regions. 1320 people have participated in the inquiry and they were elected accidentally. The research was held before the pre-electoral campaign started.

So, 61 % of the inquired people consider that the elections are really important, 39 % does not consider so. 32 % of the inquired people believe that the elections will be held fairly, 68 % does not believe.

“38 % people answered they will participate in the elections, 41 % will not participate in the elections and 21 % of them has not decided yet”, K. Vardanyan said.

The speaker also informed that they tried to find out which party is more preferred by the society. According to this research 24 % of inquired people will give their vote to RPA, 22 % of them will elect “Prosperous Armenia”, 16 % prefer “Rule of Law”, 14 trust in Armenian Revolutionary Federation, 11 % will elect ANC and 5 % of them considers “Heritage” party must appear in the Parliament.

31 % of the inquired people will elect the party taking into consideration the attitude towards the leader of party and 28 % takes into consideration the work which the party has done.

The next question of the research tries to find out which party has worked effectively. According to the results “Prosperous Armenia”, “Rule of Law”, RPA and ARF are on the first places.

20 % of the inquired people considered that Gagik Tsarukyan is the most charismatic leader, 19 % consider that Serzh Sargsyan is the most charismatic political figure, 17 % see Arthur Baghdasaryan is this place, 15 % consider it is Raffi Hovhannisyan, 14 % announced that it is Levon Ter-Petrosyan and 11 % trust in Vahan Hovhannisyan.

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