Expert: creation of the Kurdish state is really complicated issue

“I have always considered that it is impossible to create a Kurdish state as it is connected with many problems. It is connected with Turkish, Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian interests. If any Kurdish state institute is created in any country is will be an example for all settlements where Kurds live”, Chair of Department of Iranian Studies, YSU Garnik Asatryan announced about this during the press-conference today.

He underlined that Kurds are not a unitary nation and there are many ethnic groups among them. This makes difficult the process of creating the Kurdish state.

The speaker also noted even if the West aimed to create a Kurdish country it did not mean the aim will be fulfilled and the issue is really complicated.

“The separation of the regional countries is good for Israel”, G. Asatryan underlined.

Another participant of the press-conference politician Levon Shirinyan said some scenarios for the Kurdish issue may be worked out. And according to him Sevr

G. Asatryan considers the studies of Kurdish issue are fulfilled successfully in Armenia and the process must be continued.

“This is one of the most important challenges which we have. We must realize how the creation of the Kurdish state will be useful for us or the opposite”, he noted. According to the speaker there is positive attitude in Armenia towards the Kurdish state and it must be worked out.

Both speakers announced that even if the Kurdish state is created it will be very difficult to keep it.

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