Commemoration event dedicated to Armenian Genocide took place in Netherlands

On April 13 commemoration event dedicated to the 97th anniversary of Armenian Genocide took place in Netherlands, Abovyan cultural union, press and information department of Armenian Ministry of Defense informs.

Armenian Ambassador to Netherlands Dzyunik Aghajanyan delivered welcoming speech during the event. Armenian Ambassador referred to the consequences of the Armenian Genocide and underlined the importance of the Armenian Genocide international recognition. She especially said: “Despite of the Armenians efforts in whole world which are directed to the international recognition of Armenian Genocide and some liberation in Turkish society exists now towards the issue but the archives are still closed and Turkish Government does everything to push forward its denying policy in order to stop the international recognition process of the Armenian Genocide.”

Professor of the center of Holocaust and genocides researches Dr. Ugur Umit Ungor delivered lecture named “Armenian Genocide and the Making of Modern Turkey” during the event.

He spoke about the economical initiatives of Turkish Government to commit Armenia Genocide by concrete examples.

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