French-German TV channel: Nagorno Karabakh is historical Armenian land (video)

French-German ARTE TV channel broadcasted a program aboutArmenia, Armenian nation and Nagorno Karabakh issue. During the program Armenian history, Armenian achievements and loses,Ottoman Empirecollapse, policy of young Turks, Armenian Genocide were presented in details, informs.

Then the program referred to the later period of Armenian history and spoke about the Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) conflict. The authors note that Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) is historical Armenian land and Stalin gave it toAzerbaijanby force on 1921. On 1923 it became an autonomous region and 94 % of populations were Armenians.

After theUSSRcollapse andArmeniaandAzerbaijangot independence, Nagorno Karabakh also aimed to get the independence. ButAzerbaijanmade obstacles for it by the military force.

The war for Karabakh independence lasted for three years and Armenians managed to liberate Nagorno Karabakh from Azerbaijani forces. Ceasefire was signed but the region is not peaceful now.

According to the program the OSCE MG is the main international platform for the negotiations but it did not manage to reach significant results during passed twenty years.

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