R. Zaraqoghlu got a price in Turkey

Turkish intellectual Ragip Zaraqoghlu got a price for “Struggle against the xenophobia” in Ankara Universaity. Armenian-Turkish weekly “Agos” writes about this. Remind that Zaraqoghlu is a Turkish intellectual who recognized Armenian Genocide.

Zaraqoghlu announced some days ago that he would spoke with the media representatives and explained his behavior by the violation of human rights violation in his country. Ankara student Esma Yalmaz wrote his letter loudly and answered to the Turk intellectual: “We will forget nothing”.

Zaraqoghlu did not participate in the event as he promised before. The price was handed to his sister.

Turkey is well-known for the human rights and especially for the speech freedom violations in the whole world. International organizations on human rights protection mention about Turkey in every report. Turkey is the firts country which has jailed the journalists for their professional activities. Armenian-Turkish journalist Hrant Dink also was killed in Turkey and the case is not found out yet thought it was five years ago.

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