Besides RPA and “Prosperous Armenia” also ARF, ANC, “Rule of Law” will enter the NA: results if the inquiry

Arm news TV channel has launched and financiered research of public opinion. The research aims to find out social-political moods in the society and to analyze the opinions, to follow the preferences of the elections on 2012 and on 2013. The program is fulfilled by the Armenian Sociological Association and the Gallup Organization. The program is fulfilled on April 2012 till February 2013.

Member of the council of directors of the Gallup International Rasa Alishauskene presented the results of the researches during the meeting with the journalists and noted that the first opinion inquiry was held on April 4-10. 1018 adults have participated in the inquiry. The inquiries were held in the elector’s home. According to her the level of the answers in 66 % and the level of confidence is 95 %.

According to R. Alishauskene Armenian electors are very interested in coming elections. 58 % of them announced that they will certainly participate in the elections, 24% announced that they have not decided yet to participate in the elections or not.

She underlined that the first inquiry was prepared on the beginning of the pre-electoral campaign.

According to the results of the researches RPA and “Prosperous Armenia” were on the first place a month before of the elections. 34 % of the voters are ready to vote for RPA and 28 % of them are ready to give the vote to “Prosperous Armenia”.  36 % of the inquired people do not believe the elections will pass free and 35 % does not believe in it.

According to the inquiries three other parties will also enter to the National Assembly. Those parties are Armenian National Congress (ANC), “Rule of Law” and Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF).

As Rasa Alishauskene noted results concerning “Heritage” party were intriguing. The pre-electoral campaign will show whether they will manage to gather their supporters and also to convince the voters who has not decided which party to elect yet.

According to the results of the inquiries two leading parties have nearly same social-demographic image and two parties mainly struggle against each other. The main part of the electors has already known whom they will elect but there is still time to work on people’s opinion.

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