Armenian newspapers today: pre-electoral predictions and debates

“Hayatsq” writes that RA deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs, chairman of the “Armenian eagles” NGO Khachik Asryan called their editorial yesterday in the late evening and asked to publish the following note in the newspaper: “I invite to have a live debate ANC member, deputy candidate Nicol Pashinyan.  Parliamentarian elections are the theme of the debate. Let Pashinyan decide the TV channel, day and time of the debate”.

“Zhokhovurd” writes referring to its well-informed sources that leader of “Heritage” party Raffi Hovhannisyan met Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan recently. According to the newspaper British Ambassador in Armenia has organized the meeting. S. Sargsyan asked R. Hovhannisyan to leave the joint public staff of four political parties as it is considered to be R. Qocharyan’s initiative.  Sargsyan promised Hovhannisyan “Heriatge” would appear in the National Assembly, according to the source. “Heritage” candidate Armen Martirosyan denied this information.

“Hraparak” newspaper writes: “The results of this inquiry might be ignored and to be considered as the next fake social research but we have information according which this is the future model of the coming Parliament. According to our well-informed sources RPA will get 24 % in coming NA, 22 % will get “Prosperous Armenia”, 16 % will be given to “Rule of Law”, Armenian Revolutionary Federation will get 14 %, ANC will have 11 % and “Heritage” will have just 5 %. Will this program come true? We will see it just after 20 days.” 

“Hayots Ashkharh” writes: “Yesterday the representatives of “Heritage” and “Free democrats” parties announced that there is an agreement between ANC and “Prosperous Armenia” parties. They are going to create a new coalition. This announcement is just for making happy Levon Ter-Petrosyan and ANC.

At the same moment representative of “Prosperous Armenia” Naira Zohrabyan denied this information and said: “Prosperous Armenia” does not have any secret agreement with any political party. The only agreement is to hold fair, just and free elections. ”

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