Azerbaijani politician: “Azerbaijan may become a target for the war in future”

If Azerbaijan gave military bases to Israel to attack Iran it is just a foolish step and is national betrayal. Azerbaijani politician Zardusht Alizadeh announced about this, Azerbaijani media write.

Commenting on the information in the international media according which Azerbaijan gave Israel military airport and let it use the airport against Iran Alizadeh said: “If it is right so Azerbaijan will become a target for the war in future”.

Alizadeh noted that Azerbaijani foreign political doctrine forbids give territories to the third country. “Azerbaijan is a member of the Not-united movement countries so it must be in equal farness from the conflicting sides”, Azerbaijani politician noted.

Iranian-Azerbaijani relations have become strained because of the Azerbaijani good relations with Israel. Iran and Azerbaijan have sent several notes of protests during this year. Iran calls on Azerbaijan to refuse the Zionist regime and remain confident to the Islamic claims, but Azerbaijan continues strengthening relations with Israel. According to some experts now Azerbaijan gets weapon in order to use it against Iran further.  

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