A. Martirosyan : “ Some political forces are engaged in “black PR” against Heritage”

In general we take easy the pre-electoral period. It does not differ from our ordinary working graphic. Armen Martirosyan, member of the “Heritage” party, announced about this during the meeting with journalists today.

He also informed that before they had more modest expectations. Now they expect to the leaders of the proportional list. According to him that is why some parties are engaged in “black PR” of “Heritage” party. A. Martirosyan also noted that “Heritage” has become a target for especially those people who are in the lists by one of three Armenian Presidents.  

“An ANC candidate went to one of the my relatives’ home and announced that “Heritage” party is sold. My relatives told him that they would invite a representative of the party to find out it. After it the ANC representative left quickly. Some people discuss the political past of the “Heritage” some party members. You should know that it is one of the strongest sides of our party as people of various ideas are here together”, Martirosyan underlined. Speaking about the possible cooperation of ANC-Prosperous Armenia the speaker underlined that “the approach of these two forces is too obvious. Even there is information according which Prosperous Armenia assisted ANC majority candidates”.

Armen Martirosyan also spoke about the objectivity of the mass media. The speaker announced that media’s work is satisfying besides some media representatives. For example, “Yerkir Media” is not objective towards “Heritage” party. He informed that he was the guest at the noted TV channel and he was dissatisfied. “It was an obvious political order and it was a shame for the journalistic ethics. They asked a question and did not wait for the answer”.

At the same time A. Martirosyan hoped that this election will be unique and no one will beat each other in the electoral territories. “I hope that at least we will have elections as we had in Hrazdan and the situation will be normal in the electoral territories. It is very important because when thrashings take place it is a psychological pressure for the voters. And surely it has its influence on the whole process of the elections”, A. Martirosyan is sure.

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