K. Andreasyan holds meetings with the leaders of pre-electoral staffs of the parties

Armenian Human Rights Defender Karen Andreasyan continues his meetings with the leaders of the staffs of political parties which participate in the Parliamentarian elections on 2012. Press service of Armenian Human Rights Defender’s office informs about this.

Yesterday, on April 17, K. Andreasyan met with leaders of the staffs of “United Armenians” and “Prosperous Armenia” parties. During the meeting he discussed some issues of human rights defense during the electoral process. Andreasyan offered cooperation in pre-electoral, electoral periods and after the elections.

Representatives of the “United Armenians” party underlined that the authorities use administrative resources and also spoke about the atmosphere of fair which exists.  

“Prosperous Armenia” party representative was satisfied with the pre-electoral process and no significant mistakes and omissions were recorded by him.

Leaders of the staffs of “Rule of Law” and RPA have not answered to the offer by K. Andreasyan yet.

Today, on April 18, Armenian Human Rights Defender will meet the leader of Armenian National Congress staff.

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