V. Oskanyan announced: Gagik Tsarukyan had a weapon on him

Today during the briefing after the next session of the joint staff member of the “Prosperous Armenia” party, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia Vardan Oskanyan answered to the question by a journalist about the weapon which had leader of the “Prosperous Armenia” Gagik Tsarukyan on him.

“I have seen in the cadres and it was a weapon of course but I think that it must not be a theme of great story. It was Gagik Tsarukyan’s decision to have it on him and besides this everyone has a right to have a weapon legally”, V. Oskanyan said.  

Remind that “Prosperous Armenia” has announced for many times that “Vertu revolver” was not a weapon but it was just a phone which was seen on the photo.

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