YSLU students held a protest action: they claimed to meet Ashotyan

Today, on April 18 students of Yerevan State Linguistic University (YSLU) held a protest action for protection of the YSLU rector Suren Zolyan. As times.am has already informed S. Zolyan was fired from his post yesterday by the decision of Armenian Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan. A big group of students started protest action from the YSLU building and approached the Government 3rd building where the Ministry of Education and Science is situated. They claimed that they had a letter for the Minister and must hand it directly to him. The assistant of the Minister met them and asked to take the letter but they claimed that just Ashotyan must come and take the letter.

The students announced that they will continue the protest action also tomorrow and on the next days if the Minister does not meet them.

The students announced that they will hold strike and will enter to the university only “by Zolyan’s leadership”.

 “We are with You, Mr. Zolyan”, “Justice” mottos were sounded by the students during the protest action which was lasted till nearly 16:00 at the building of Ministry of Education and Science.

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