May 9: day of great victory and a day to assist the invalid people of Karabakh war and the families of perished soldiers

May 9, 2012 is a special festival for the Armenian nation. This day is celebrated as the Victory Day of the Great Patriotic War and this is also the 20th anniversary of Shushi liberation from the Azerbaijani occupation. This day is also celebrated as the Day of creation of Artsakh Defense Army.

This is a pan-national feast. On this day people who have protected their Motherland who have given us opportunity to live in our liberated Motherland, now must be paid the most attention.  

Due to them every Armenian realizes now that we have a protected motherland which is the country where he can return. And this idea is with him wherever he is.

All these achievements have been got by really a high price. Liberated soldiers who have perished for the liberation of the Motherland are someone’s husband, son, father, brother. They have given the victory to us and they have paid for it by their lives.

And now each of us has an opportunity to congratulate the veterans of the liberation war and we can assist the soldiers who are invalid now because of the war.  

Administration of joins the “Action-May 9, 2012” and calls on everyone to join the action and do not remain in the side.

Everyone who wants to assist the invalid people of the Karabakh war and the families of the perished soldiers may donate for it. The details of the donation may be found here. If you share this message it will also be assistance.

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