Armenian newspapers today :pre-electoral inquiries and the struggle

According to “Zhokhovurd”  delegation led by the leader of the “Prosperous Armenia” party Gagik Tsarukyan visited Shirak region, Artik and Maralik communities. Before his arrival both towns were remained without electricity. As the newspaper was informed from Artik the head of the “Arm electricity” company Ashot Tokhunts ordered to switch off the electricity of the communities. Deputy candidate Mkhitar Varagyan met with Tokhunts before. Varagyan is considered to be from RPA. Some RPA members justified themselves announcing that Varagyan had decided to switch off the electricity and they had nothing with it. The newspaper also writes that some kindergartens and schools of Maralik and Artik “accidentally” organized various conferences.

“Hraparak” writes: “The pre-electoral campaign is going on without any essential obstacles but the fear atmosphere exists. If people have a job they are troubled that they may lose it”, deputy candidate, former deputy Minister of Healthcare Tatul Hakobyan told the newspaper and added: “Now the atmosphere of fear is obvious in Syuniq region”.

Editor-in-chief of “Aravot” newspaper writes: “Yesterday “Gallup“ announced the results of the social inquiry and it is strange by the results did not find wide reaction by the political forces. May be the results are good for everyone and even if they are not good they seem to be right. These results show that besides three small parties other political parties have chance to struggle and appear in the National Assembly. According to those results RPA and “Prosperous Armenia” and in the “premium league” as it was expected. These two parties may have some inner struggle but they do not make obvious announcements against each other. “Prosperous Armenia” is in better condition as ANC also do not speak against it as has some hopes concerning this party. I intend that soon Robert Qocharyan will stage publicly. I confess that Qocharyan will speak about the “prosperous economy which we had when he was the President and how everything is bad now”. But it is not so important which the second President will say. It is more important with which intonation he will say it. The further steps by “Prosperous Armenia” demand on it.

According to the results of the inquiry the opposition comes by the second echelon.”

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