G. Amalyan considers that the media managed to create equal conditions for the political forces

Today the chairman of the TV and Radio Committee Grigor Amalyan during the meeting with the journalists presented the results of the first week of the monitoring and spoke about the TV channels and radio channels which are engaged in pre-electoral propaganda.

According to those indexes RPA was mostly presented by the Armenian Public TV channel, “First informative” program. “The time” program of “Armenia TV” also gave the most time to the RPA. “Center” and “Armenian Second TV Channel” presented “Prosperous Armenia” party the most, “Yerkir meida” referred mostly to the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. G. Amalyan said that “Armenian First channel”, “Center” and “Yerkir media” got notes appropriately from the RPA, “Prosperous Armenia” and ARF to present those parties’ activities the most.

The speaker also informed that “Prosperous Armenia” has been on ether the most then ARF comes. “Rule of Law” is on the third place and “Heritage” is on the forth place. Then comes RPA and ANC is on the sixth place. After it Armenian Democratic Party and Armenian Communists Party come and the list is closed by the “United Armenians” party.

Chairman of the TV and Radio channels committee noted that these indexes are not the base to fire someone.

“There are some objective reasons for these numbers. Some political forces accept or don’t accept invitations. The second: may be some representatives of the political forces will be invited further. ”

According to Amalyan not the citizens or the elections’ participants have complained of the violations. “Only recently the representative of “Heritage” party Armen Martirosyan announced by media that he was dissatisfied with the works of “Yerkir media”. We have claimed the video in order to be able to evaluate the situation”.

Amalyan considers that the media representatives managed to create equal conditions for the political forces.

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