Russian expert: “ANC does not condemn “Prosperous Armenia” and it will damage just ANC”

Pan-Russian center of the public opinion ordered Armenian “Shant” TV channel to hold the inquiry and find out the activities and the preferences of the voters concerning the coming Parliamentarian elections, which will take place on May 6 in Armenia. The inquiries were held on April 1-13 in the whole territory of the Republic of Armenia.

Director of the company Valeri Feodorov said today during the press-conference that 1600 citizens participated in the inquiry.

According to the results of the researches Armenian Republican Party and “Prosperous Armenia” party are the leaders in the whole Republic.

According to the indexes RPA will get 39 % of the votes, “Prosperous Armenia” will get 36 ^. According to the same source “Rule of Law”, Armenian Revolutionary Federation and “Heritage” will overcome the 5 % entrance. Armenian National Congress is in frame of 3-5 %.

As the speaker informed RPA makes the most active propaganda. “69 % of the inquired people has noted the party’s activities”, the speaker said and continued that “Prosperous Armenia” was on the second place (65 %) and “Rule of Law” is the third (27 %).

According to the results ARF (11 %), “Heritage” (5 %) and ANC (3 %) are noticed less.

Valeri Feodorov also referred to the rumors over ANC and “Prosperous Armenia”. It is fact that ANC does condemn the “Prosperous Armenia” and it damages ANC first of all. The speaker commented on the material in the media according which ANC is financially demanded on “Prosperous Armenia”.

“Both ANC and “Prosperous Armenia” work mostly with dissatisfied electorate. So if one side gets more voters the other loses them. That is why if ANC does not condemn “Prosperous Armenia” it is better for the latter and worse for ANC”, the speaker noted.

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