Expert: “Armenian printing media makes propaganda more than informs”

Armenian printing media has a great interest towards the electoral processes. The monitoring of the printing media showed that the printing media has more propaganda function in the pre-electoral term than it has informative function. Secret or obvious propaganda materials are sometimes more than 1/3 of the whole publication. Executive director of the Armenian Public Relations Association (APRA) Tatevik Pirumyan announced about it during the press-conference today.

Remind that APRA and OSCE Yerevan office have launched a program named “Assistance of Armenian two electoral processes” and in frame of this program publications of 16 newspapers about the elections have been monitored during 2.5 months. The monitoring has started since March 12 and the newspapers which have more than 3000 example printing and are spread in the whole Republic are monitored. Those newspapers are “Irates de facto”, “Azg”, “Iravunq”, “Hayots Ashkharh”, “Haykakan zhamanak”, “Yerkir”, “Zhamanak”, “Chorrord inqnishkhanutyun”, “Hraparak”, “168 hours”, “Aravot”, “Hayatsq”, “Orakarg”, “Golos Armenii”, “Novoe vremya”.

Nearly 2500 articles about the elections have been monitored during March 12-April 14.

Expert of APRA Armen Minasyan said that the printing media often reacts not balanced to the events and the subjective comments were often presented. Many manipulative measures were used in various publications. The authors often evaluate the events and present their own opinion in the articles.

The expert noted RPA has been mentioned in the newspapers most of all and 40 % of articles were negative, in 9.5 % cases RPA is mentioned positively. Then “Prosperous Armenia” comes which is mentioned negatively in 37 % cases.  ANC is on the third place with 41.9 % negative articles. “Heritage” party is on the forth pale (39.6 % negative) and ARF is on the fifth place (16.2 % negative). Armenian Democratic Party, Armenian Communists Party and “United Armenia” party are mentioned in media the less.

“Haykakan zhamanak”, “”Chorrord inqnishkhanutyun”, “Zhokhovurd” newspapers write about the majority candidates most of all. Before the pre-electoral campaign started the printing media referred to 7,10, 4, 12, 11 electoral territories in Yerevan and 19, 37 electoral territories in the regions.  

A. Minasyan underlined that the monitoring showed the negative phenomenon in the printing media had been developed. The articles which have evaluations and opinions became more. 

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