The magazine: Armenia must choose its way: to be with Iran or…

“Caucasian diary” magazine published an article about Iran and Armenian-Iranian relations. As the magazine writes Armenia and Iran has always had good relations and bilateral sympathy. These countries are united not only by the geography but also by the historical ties and cultural traditions.

“Opposite Azerbaijan Iran has never had any territorial claim towards Armenia.

Iran is the next country after the USA which has recognized Armenian independence and opened the Embassy in Yerevan on 1992. Iran provided Armenia with food and goods during the hardest time, during the Nagorno Karabakh war”, author of the article Gocha Darchia writes.

Nearly 120.000 ethnic Armenians live in Iran and some of them are presented in the Milli Mejlis. Besides this Armenians have right to spread their religion freely. Armenian churches in Iran are included in the UNESCO international cultural heritage protection list.

Iran is now pressed much by different sides and even the economical sanctions are held against it. Despite of all these Yerevan continues strengthening relations with this Islamic country.

“At first sight is may seem that Armenia shout assist the sanctions against Iran as Armenia gets millions of dollars form the USA and EU. But despite of the close cooperation with the West Yerevan has not cut off ties with Tehran as well as Armenia has no other way”, the magazine writes.

Because of the Azerbaijani territorial claims towards Armenia Armenian borders with Azerbaijan and Turkey are closed.

Yerevan knows well that if refuses cooperation with Iran so Iranian leaders will act cruelly. Economical and political ties with Iran are not only for financial profit but also have geopolitical interests”, the author writes and adds that if military actions are started Armenia will be a friendly country for Iran and the latter will have more confident back.

According to the magazine Armenian energetic future based on joint programs with Iran will have really “grey colors” because of the sanctions.

“The experts have one opinion here: Armenia must be concrete which way to choose. Armenian relations with Tehran are also connected with Iranian-Western relations”, “Caucasus diary” concludes.

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