Yerevan World Book Capital: Armenia participates in world book exhibitions actively

Armenia has an active participation in the international book programs, in exhibitions, in festivals. Armenian book has already been presented in Minsk 19th international sale, in Paris international sale-exhibition and in Bologna sale during this year.

And on April 26-29 Armenian book will be presented at Saint-Petersburg 7th international salon and Thessalonica international book exhibition (as a special guest), Tehran international book festival, Warsaw 57th international exhibition, Moscow international book sale, Ashgkabad international book festival and on October 10-14 Armenia will participated in Francophone international book festival.

This year Yerevan is announced to be World Book Capital and 500th anniversary of Armenian printing is celebrated this year. Armenian active participation to the international exhibitions is connected with these events.

On April 22 Yerevan will be announced as World Book Capital officially and many events are organized in Yerevan devoted to it.

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