Armenian newspapers today: Struggle for the elections and support by the candidates

“Hayatsq” newspaper writes that a really interesting situation is at the electoral territory No. 6. Nearly all main political forces have candidates here. Ruben Hovsepyan (RPA), Vahan Karapetyan (“Prosperous Armenia”), Armen Martirosyan (“Heritage” party) and Avet Pogosyan (Armenian National Congress) will struggle at the same electoral territory.

The newspaper reminds that R. Hovsepyan is brother of the Armenian chief prosecutor Aghvan Hovsepyan and is the leader of the Ajapnyak community. It could be considered that Hovsepyan had gained the respect and love of the people as he had led the community for many years and but it is not so.

Many residents tell that despite he was the leader of the community he has not done anything for the community. “We have not seen him we just know that he is the leader of our community. And now he wants to become a deputy. But why? We do not know”, one of the residents told the newspaper.Armenian newspapers today: Struggle for the elections and support by the candidates

As “Chorrord inqnishkhanutyun” writes according to some rumors representatives of Armenian Revolutionary Federation Vahan Hovhannisyan and Hrant Bagratyan had a rather serious conversation. According to the rumors Margaryan ordered Hovhannisyan to be more cautious and do not let any conversations about the places in the proportional list as if some disagreements exist in the party they will not manage to overcome the pre-electoral problems. Moreover, Margaryan noted gentle that no comments aboit Karen Shahmuradyan on the sixth place of the ARF list must be spread. The newspaper writes that though Shahmuradyan’s father had old ties with ARF, but Karen now has warmer relations with the RPA.

“Haraparak” writes that “Prosperous Armenia” visited Vayots Dzor in frame of the pre-electoral campaign and took ten tracks with them. “But Gagik Tsarukyan announced after handing the gift that the tracks have nothing with the elections and “Prosperous Armenia” has decided before to bring technique to the region”, the newspaper writes.

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