A. Abraham joined the initiative “Never again”

Armenian professional boxer Arthur Abraham joined the project by Armenian people’s artist Flora Martirosyan “Never again”. Press service of Arthur Abraham informs about this.

World-known musicians, artists, sportsmen joined the initiative by F. Martirosyan and they have an aim to concentrate the international attention to the Armenian Genocide and the crimes against humanity once more on the eve of 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide. The initiative also aims to make a call towards the humanity for peace and hope.

“I join the initiative “Never again” and I condemn the crimes against humanity. Armenian Genocide is among them. I am ready to make my all efforts for the recognition and preventing the genocides. Let’ go forward the peace”, A. Abraham noted.

During the meeting in Yerevan F. Martirosyan presented the details of the initiative to A. Abraham and spoke about the coming programs. The singer noted that the concert program which started in Los Angeles on November 1, 2011, will be continued in Russia, Europe, Eastern countries and in Armenia on 2015.

Remind that many world-known singers said “No” to the Genocide.

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