Stamp Dedicated to the “500th Anniversary of the Armenian Book Printing. Yerevan – World Book Capital” Cancelled

On April 22, during the official ceremony of the declaration ofYerevanas the World Book Capital the cancellation ceremony of a souvenir sheet dedicated to the theme “500thAnniversary of the Armenian Book Printing andYerevan– World Book Capital” took place in the presence of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan. Press service of “Haypost” CJSC informs about this.

The cancellation was carried out by Mayors of Venice and Yerevan Giorgio Orsoni and Taron Margaryan, RA Minister of Transport and Communication Manuk Vardanyan and General Director of “Haypost Trust Management” Juan Pablo Gechidjian.

The souvenir sheet is decorated with miniatures from Armenian books, views of Matenadaran, Ancient Book Depository inYerevan, andVenice. In the centre of the s/sheet the stamp is placed which portrays Hakob Meghapart, the first Armenian printer and founder of the Armenian printing house, under the arm of which we see the logotype of his printing house. Against the background we see Urbatagirk, Book of Friday, and the logotype of the “Yerevan-World Book Capital in 2012” project in the upper right corner.

Starting from 2012, haypost is releasing a new edition of definitive issues dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Armenian Book Printing. Starting from 2007, definitive issues of stamps has portrayed Aremnian King Tigran the Great. From this year on, Armenian alphabet will be on the stamps of definitive issues. During 2012, 7 stamps with Armenian letters will put into circulation.

Among others, stamps dedicated to the theme “Archeological finds» dedicated to the oldest shoe and woman’s straw dress made around 5900 yearsago will be released this year. 125th anniversary of brandy making, Lusine Zakaryan’s 75th anniversary, junior philately (started last year) and many other themes will find their place in the list of stamps to be released in 2012.

This year, an envelope with stamp dedicated to the «20th anniversary of establishment of Armenian-Russian diplomatic relations» has been released for the first time.

In sum, it is planned to put into circulation 6 postcards, 26 themes of stamps and 1 envelope with stamp in 2012.

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