The next protest action in Azerbaijan: people claim I. Aliyev must be sent to the prison

A protest action took place in Baku on April 22 and thousands people participated in it. The protestors claimed Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev must resign.

As Azerbaijani Turan news agency writes the protest action was organized by the opposite “Public palace” union and this was the second protest action in April. “Azerbaijani leading dictator regime is condemned as it is not able to make any reforms and the society expects quick changes”: this was the headline of the protest action.

The speeches at the meeting were interrupted frequently by calls such as “Ilham, leave your post”, “The youth is going to the square and Ilham is going to prison”, “We want normal education”. “No corruption”, “Let the corrupted President go damn” and so on.

The speakers underlined that Azerbaijani authorities made obstacles for people and forbid them participate in the meetings and the society did not support I. Aliyev’s authority.

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