“Mr. Prime Minister, it was genocide”: Turk intellectual appealed to the Turkish PM

Turkish intellectual Taner Akcam who has recognized the Armenian Genocide, published an article on the eve of April 24 where he announced once more that the events of 1915 were just genocide. Armenpress.am informs about this quoting to Turkish Taraf magazine.

The article is named “Mr. Prime Minister, it was genocide” and presents historical facts, witnesses and messages by the Turk officials which confirm the fact of Armenian Genocide. Referring to the traditional speeches by the Turkish PM who said that “My nation has not committed genocide”, “There has not been any genocide in the Muslim history” and so on, Akcam presented the message by Talat pasha (Turkish Minister of Inner Affairs at that time) to Jemal pasha on October 7, 1916. The message said: “We have an aim to annihilate life in these territories completely”. “Mr. PM what would you answer to this?”, Akcam says in the article.

Then Turk intellectual presents parts of the letters by Ottoman leaders on 1915 which show obviously that the crime against Armenian nation was planned before and it was genocide. “I do not need a debate. I just want PM to get acquainted with the fact which I have presented. I hope that Erdogan will manage to give a respond to them”, Taner Akcam said. 

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