Armenian Genocide victims were commemorated in various sides of the world

Armenian Genocide victims are commemorated in various sides of the world. As press and information department of Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs Armenian Embassy in Georgia and “Hayartun” Armenian cultural center in Tbilisi organized a range of events dedicated to Armenian Genocide victims and the 97th anniversary of Armenian Genocide. “Armenian Community in Georgia”, “National congress of Armenians in Georgia”, “Assembly of Armenians in Tbilisi” organizations assisted the events to be fulfilled.

On April 21 the evening of classic music was organized at Saint Etchmiadzin church of Tbilisi and the ensemble of “Hayartun” cultural center staged during the evening.  

Primate of the Georgian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan delivered speech on the end of the evening. Referring to the memory of Armenian Genocide victims, bishop underlined that the memory united everyone and all Armenians prayed for the victims.

On April 21 commemoration event dedicated to the 97th anniversary of Armenian Genocide took place in Hamburg. More than 700 guests with various nationalities attended the event. Leader of the “Federation 90/Greens” party Jam Ozdemir delivered a speech during the evening and noted that Turkish Government must at last stop the denial of Armenian Genocide and Turk society must realize those tragic pages of Armenian nation. According to the speaker history of Armenian Genocide must be included in the Turkish text-books and it would let the Turkish society to discuss the theme freely.

On April 21 memory of Armenian Genocide was commemorated also in capital of Bulgaria, Sophia.  Armenian Embassy in Bulgaria organized the event. Lebanon-Armenian Misak Qeleshyan delivered a public speech and presented videos and facts about the terrible life of Armenian orphans after the genocide.

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