R. Hovhannisyan denied the rumors about his meeting with S. Sargsyan

 Tomorrow, on April 24, “Heritage” party will not hold any propaganda actions. Leader of the party Raffi Hovhannisyan announced about this during the meeting with the journalists today.
“We will go to Tsitsernakaberd from the Liberty Square and we will be a part of our nation”, he announced.Speaking about the pre-electoral campaign R. Hovhannisyan noted that teh work could be evaluated only after the elections, on May 7. “And now we hold campaign, we visit the regions, meet people also in Yerevan”.
“Heritage” leader also informed that there are some violations during the pre-electoral campaign and they would speak about it later.”When the “Heritage” becomes majority in the Parliament we will give ten times more 5000 AMD which is spread now by some forces”, Hovhannisyan promised.The speaker also underlined that “Heritage” tries to have its trusted people in every electoral territory as some violations exist. He underlined that the “Heritage” members would try to observe the whole process of teh elections and register the violations and mistakes.
Referring to the social inquires Hovhannisyan said that the party did not believe in them even if tehy promised high index for “Heritage”.Commenting on teh rumors according which he met Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan recently R. Hovhannisyan denied the information and underlined that it was a lie. There was no meeting with the President.
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