Commemorations of Armenian Genocide victims are continued in the various sides of the world

On April 23 in frame of the events dedicated to the 97th anniversary of Armenian Genocide “Hayartun” cultural center, “Armenian community in Georgia”, “National congress of Armenians in Georgia” and “Assembly of Armenians in Tbilisi” organized a peace rally in front of the Georgian Parliament building. Press and information department of the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs about this.

With posters “No Genocide” and “Armenian Genocide: 97” the participants of the action organized a flash mob with enlightened candles and traditional silent dance.

After it the protestors handed an application where they claimed every deputy of the Georgian Parliament to recognize the Armenian Genocide. 

On the same day in the evening the performance named “Memory evening” was presented at the Armenian theatre in Tbilisi after Petros Adamyan.

Armenian Ambassador to Georgia Hovhannes Manoukyan, Primate of the Georgian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan, Georgian President’s consular Van Bayburtyan and other officials attended the event.

Armenian Community in Georgia also organized a rally with candles on April 23 and after it the protestors went to the Turkish Embassy in Tbilisi. They called on Turkey to accept the own history and apologize for the victims of Armenian Genocide. The events dedicated to the 97th anniversary of Armenian Genocide are still going on.

On April 24 in all 14 Armenian communities of Kazakhstan have held events dedicated to the 97th anniversary of Armenian Genocide.

Armenians in Kazakhstan gathered at the memorial complex near Karaganda town and put garlands at the cross stone. 

Leaders of the Armenian communities published some articles about the Armenian Genocide in the local media.

On April 23 memory of Armenian Genocide victims was commemorated in Iranian capital Tehran as well. The holy mass was served at the St. Sargis Armenian Church. After it representatives of Armenian Community in Iran put garlands at the memorial of the victims.

Victims of Armenian Genocide were commemorated also in Great Britain. Armenian community in Britain has organized some events dedicated to the 97th anniversary of Armenian Genocide. Members of the Armenian Community held a rally in London center. They called on British authorities to recognize Armenian Genocide and condemned Turkish policy.

Armenian students in Austrian capital Vienna also organized rally dedicated to the 97th anniversary of Armenian Genocide. They sang patriotic songs in the streets of the city and spread informative messages on various languages about the Armenian Genocide committed by the Ottoman Empire on 1915.

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