Victims of Armenian Genocide were commemorated in Lebanon, Czech Republic, Romania, Syria, Belarus

Commemoration events dedicated to the memory of Armenian Genocide victims is continued in the various sides of the world. As press and information department of RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs the commemoration event took place at Antelias St. Grigor Illuminator Mother Cathedral. Holy mass was served at the church andHis Holiness CatholicosAramI blessed the presents. Then the garlands were put at the memorial complex devoted to the Armenian Genocide victims. After the commemoration events members of the Armenian Community in Lebanon held a protest action to the Turkish Embassy.

On April 24 Lebanon“The Daily Star” magazine in English published an article named “Denial as bad as genocide”.Armenian Ambassador to Lebanon Ashot Qocharyan gave a large interview about the Armenian Genocide. He referred to the international recognition of the issue and said that despite of the fact many countries have already recognized the genocideTurkeycontinues its denying policy. Armenian Ambassador thanked Lebanon Parliament for recognizing Armenian Genocide.

Armenian Genocide victims were commemorated also in Czech Republic. Armenian Ambassador to Czech Republic Tigran Seyranyan and a group of members of the Armenian Community put garland at the bust of France Verfel, Czech-Armenian well-known writes, author of the book “40 days of Musa Mountain”. After it Thomas Vudro Wilson’s memory was commemorated who was the great supporter of the Armenian issue’s fair solution.

Armenian Ambassador Tigran Seyranyan delivered a speech during the event. Members of the Armenian Community inPragueheld a peace rally.

On April  24 memory of Armenian Genocide victims was commemorated in Romania as well. Holy mass was served at the Armenian Church inBucharest. Armenian Ambassador to Romania Hamlet Gasparyan delivered a speech during the event. He expressed his troubles towards the Turkish anti-Armenian propaganda which is spread in the Europe as well.

On April 24 Armenian Community in Belarus and Armenian Embassy in Belarus organized a commemoration event dedicated to the 97thanniversary of Armenian Genocide. The participants of the event put garlands at the memorial of the victims. Armenian Ambassador to Belarus Armen Khachatryan, leaders of the Armenian Communities inBelarusdelivered speeches. Young Armenians in Belarus were especially active during the event.

Armenian Genocide victims were remembered and commemorated also in Damask. Holy mass was served at the Damask St. Sargis Church and the members of Armenian Community inSyriavisited the memorial complex of the Armenian Genocide victims.

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