Iranian Ambassador ends his mission in Armenia

Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan hosted today Iranian Ambassador to Armenia Seyed Ali Saghayian who ends his diplomatic mission in Armenia. Press service of Armenian Government informs about this.

“I evaluate our relations during years very positive. We have many programs with our friendly neighbor Iran and Your personal investment is great in those programs”, said Armenian PM. T. Sargsyan also thanked Mr. Ambassador for his efforts to strengthen ties between Armenia and Iran.

S. Ali Saghayian noted that Armenian-Iranian strategic relations are important for both sides and it assists peace and stability in the region.

Both sides expressed satisfaction towards the large economical ties.

“We must make efforts to fulfill all programs. Armenia-Iran gas line is very important in this context”, Ambassador underlined.

Ambassador informed that Armenian PM’s Iranian counterpart’s visit to Armenia is planned and it would be a new stimulus for the relations.

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