Z. Postanjyan : ”Heritage” is ready also for the “non-elections”

Armenian villages are empty and left. Armenian deputy, member of the ”Heritage” party Zaruhi Postanjyan announced about this during the meeting with the journalists today. She shared her impression of the visit to Armenian regions.

“The residents of the region accept us with warmly. All of them have kind and at the same time disappointed faces”, the speaker said and added that “Heritage” would make efforts to prevent the migration in case of its victory. 

As the deputy noted the unemployment is the main problem in the regions. Z. Postanjyan also underlined that she would try to settle the problems of the court system as soon as she entered to the Parliament.

“The court system is the most important and it does not exist. The court just acts as a notary office and serves for the some groups. And what about the employment: our nation is able to provide places of work for themselves if there are the bases for it”, the speaker noted.

Member of the “Heritage” also spoke about the cases of spreading electoral bribe and noted that the electoral bribe was given and it was named as charity but the appropriate bodies had not registered any violations yet.

Z. Postanjyan presented the last events concerning jams as an example. Referring to the positive sides of the pre-electoral campaign Postanjyan said: “The multilateral opinions and the development of the e-media are the positive steps. I have not made any monitoring myself for the TV channels but some extraordinary cases are expected in future and I will announce about it certainly”.

NA deputy also informed that their party is ready to participate also in the “non-elections”. “We are ready also to participate in the “”non elections” and we are ready for the rebellion and all bases for it exist. If “non elections” take place the rebellion will take place itself”.

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