Armenian Genocide victims were commemorated also in Turkey

On April 24 events were organized to commemorate victims of Armenian Genocide. Press and information department of RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs about this.

Istanbul commission of the against genocide and discrimination of the Turkish Human Rights Union organized a event at the “Sultan Ahmed” Square, near “Islamic art museum”. During the event the message directed to the Katholicos of Kilikia Aram I was read.

Note that the mentioned museum was a prison on 1915 where Armenian intellectuals were kept before killing.

People gathered at the cemetery of Hrant Dink and the memorial dedicated to the victims of 1895-1908. Deputy editor of the “Akos” weekly Sargis Serobyan delivered a speech.

Soldier with Armenian origin Sevak Balkchri’s memory was also commemorated. Sevak was killed on April 24, 2011, in the Turkish Army by the Turkish soldier for his nationality.

 In the evening nearly 2000 people gathered at Tacsim Square and held a protest action. They had posters with notes “This pain belongs to all of us”. They also had portraits of the perished Armenian intellectuals.

 Events dedicated to the memory of Armenian Genocide were held also in Ankara.

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