Azerbaijan leads destabilization strategy: two soldiers are wounded as a result of ceasefire regime violation

Azerbaijani side started to violate ceasefire regime more actively especially on some last days. As press-service of Artsakh Defense Army informs they have shot for nearly 2000 times and two soldiers of Artsakh Defense Army were wounded.

On April 24 the enemy shot at the sanitary car at the Eastern side of the border and soldier of the Defense Army Andranik Gevorg Madoyan and Ernest Michael Sargsyan were wounded.

“This case proves once more that the enemy continues its destabilization strategy on the contact line between Armenian and Azerbaijani troops and ignoring the humanitarian points of the Geneva convention it opens fire on the sanitary car which has a sign of red cross”, the source writes.

Remind that on April 25, Azerbaijanis shot at the Tavush region, Dovegh village. As it was already informed Azerbaijani side shot irregularly towards the noted village. As a result of the violation car “GAZ 53” belonged to the village resident Arsen Mehrabyan was damaged. The car was in the yard of house. Fortunately there are no victims and wounded people. The kindergarten and school of the village have been evacuated.

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