No ceasefire in Syria is seen, the fire is continued

Despite the UN accepted a resolution on Syria and the mission is sent to this country and the ceasefire regime is announced in the country the peace for this state seems to be too far.

As writes referring to the Syrian state news agency a massive explosion that tore through a residential area and killed at least 16 people in the city of Hama was caused by anti-regime bomb-makers who mishandled explosives.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an activist group, said it is not sure what set off Wednesday’s explosion and asked UN monitors to investigate.

The Observatory had initially cited witnesses as saying the blast on Hama‘s outskirts was caused by government shelling. Another activist group, the Local Coordination Committees, also blamed the regime and said dozens were killed.

Amateur video posted online showed a ball of fire and smoke rising from the neighborhood and residents searching the rubble. The Observatory said Thursday that at least 16 were killed.

As writes Syria opposition forces said Thursday that 102 people were killed by President Bashar Assad’s security forces in the previous day, indicating that this figure included 57 civilians killed during shelling of one neighborhood in the city of Hama.

Reports of killings in Syria have continued to stream out of the war-torn state, despite a UN-led attempt to bring a halt to the government’s ongoing crackdown of opposition forces and activists.

Speaking late last week, peace envoy Kofi Annan’s deputy, former Palestinian foreign minister Nasser al-Kidwa, criticized both sides, but particularly government forces, for refusing to stop fighting completely.

“We don’t see much of a ceasefire,” he told France 24 television. “The situation of course is not good. There are many reasons to be worried by the lack of implementation, at least lack of full implementation by Syrian government and perhaps some other parties as well.”

Hama, a flashpoint of violence since the onset of anti-Assad protests, is infamous as being the site of a 1982 massacre perpetrated by the security forces of Syria‘s former President Hafez Assad, with reports of between 10,000 and 25,000 dead.

Meanwhile, UN monitors continued their tour of the country, visiting the city of Douma, where the city’s residents said security forces ceased attacking prior to the arrival of the UN officials.

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