Newspapers today: many people in Armenia do not want to participate in the elections

”168 hours” newspaper writes that parallel with the Parliamentarian elections a concrete group of people is seen which just will not participate in the elections and will not go to the electoral territory on May 6. People speak about this more and more and the group becomes larger. And here is nit discussed the group which is depoliticized and announces that “nothing demand on him/her”. No, the most active and motivated group of the society is discussed now. These people can not be announced as inert and passive. These people realize the importance of the elections but they also do not know sincerely which political force to elect. Both opposition and authorities showed during the pre-electoral term that they do not differ much from each other or differ very little and one’s victory or the other’s defeat will not change much. The newspaper concludes that a group of people is created in Armenia who considers that the elections on May 6 are the absence of the elections.

“Zhokhovurd” writes that the next candidate of the “Rule of Law” party Hovhannes Margaryan is going to take away his candidacy for the coming elections. According to the newspapers the negotiations are held between RPA and “Rule of Law” on the theme.

According to the “Yerkir” newspaper the “Rule of Law” which has 175.000 members has given its places of the 400 electoral territories to the RPA.

As “Haykakan zhamanak” writes Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan has now 870.000 USD and 35 million AMD. This means that T. Sargsyan does not follow his own advice to keep the money in Armenian drams.

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