US Congressmen called on the US Congress to recognize Armenian Genocide

On April 25 US Congress group of Armenian support, Armenian Embassy in Washington and Armenian-American organizations organized an event dedicated to the 97th anniversary of Armenian Genocide. Press and information department of RA Ministry of Defense informs about this.

Co-chairs of the US Congress pro-Armenian group and nearly 30 Congressmen delivered speeches during the event. All of them condemned the crimes which Turkey committed against Armenians on the beginning of 20th century and they called on the US Congress to recognize Armenian Genocide.

Armenian Ambassador to the USA Tatul Margaryan noted in his speech that the recognition of Armenian Genocide has always been in the agenda of Armenian foreign policy. He thanked all members of the Congress who assist Armenian Genocide to be recognized. Mr. Ambassador announced that US Senate member M. Kirk and the members of the US House of Representatives A. Ashyu and B. Sharman were awarded with Mkhitar Gosh medal by Armenian President for their personal investment in Armenian-US relations development and for assisting the international recognition of Armenian Genocide. 

Workers of the Armenian Embassy in the USA and members of the NKR mission, representatives of Armenian Community in the USA attended the event.

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