A. Martirosyan: “The result of our work will be seen after some time”

“It is just the next lie”. Member of the “Heritage” party, deputy candidate Armen Martirosyan gave such an answer to the question about article which was published yesterday on the “Regnum” news agency. Remind that according to the article leader of the “Heritage” party Raffi Hovhannisyan had a secret ties with the Turkish side and had a secret meeting in London. According to the noted publication Armenian-Turkish protocols were the main theme of the discussions.

“I am informed not only about the blackmail by Regnum but also about the whole blackmails against “Heritage” party”, the speaker underlined.

A. Martirosyan also informed that in the noted term Raffi Hovhannisyan and Khachatur Qoqobelyan (his name was also used in the publications) were in Armenia. “As much the organization is professional as professional it spreads the disinformation”, the “Heritage” deputy said and added that the whole policy by R. Hovhannisyan was so obvious that it was not worthy to expect he might certify those protocols.

Commenting on the rumors according which he had relative ties with the Armenian Chief Prosecutor Aghvan Hovsepyan and he would assist the RPA candidate A. Martirosyan said: “I have no ties with Avghan Hovsepyan or with some other candidate with our electoral territory. And in general I have no ties with any high-level official”.

He also noted that there were some rumors about him which are beyond the logic. Commenting on the information according which all members of the electoral commission of No. 6 are form RPA the speaker said: “Most part of the commission are my close relatives, my parents, sister, brother, my wife, neighbors, friends and so on”.

A. Martirosyan underlined that he went to win and he struggled for the “Heritage” voices at that electoral territory. 

“During last five years we have shown which kind of force “Heritage” is. And though much disinformation was spread about us during these years the time showed that it was just a lie. The result of our work will be seen after some time as well despite of all blackmails”, the candidate told.

A. Martirosyan is sure the parties see strong rival in “Heritage” as they have the greatest electorate. He also underlined that they would get more votes this time than they got during the last elections.

“We had more modest expectations but our visits to regions show that people trust in us”, the deputy said.

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