Armenian Genocide victims were commemorated in Los Angeles and Eindhoven

Commemorations of Armenian Genocide victims are going on in various parts of the world where Armenians exist.

Armenian Consular in Los Angeles organized the event dedicated to the 97th anniversary of Armenian Genocide. Members of Armenian Community, social, political, cultural activists were invited to participate in the event.

Chairman of the Holocaust and Genocide Institute (Israel), expert on genocide Israel Charni and member of the Canadian Parliament Jim Carjinias were the main guests of the event.  

Armenian flag was bended as a sign of commemoration of the Genocide victims. By the initiative of “Armenia house” it will become an annual event.  

On April 25 event dedicated to the victims of Armenian Genocide victims took place in Eindhoven city of Netherlands. The event was organized by the “Alfa-Yerevan” organization.

During the event film by Armenian film director Tigran Khzmalyan “Photographer of the genocide” which is devoted to Armin Vegner was presented. Tigran Maytesyan (violet), Lyuba Zachupeyko-Harutyunyan (piano), Rustam Hakobjanyan (duduk) and Arkadi Petrosyan (tarr) sounded compositions devoted to the memory of Armenian Genocide vistims.

Armenian Ambassador to Netherlands Dzyunik Aghajanyan delivered a speech during the event. 

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