Armenian Government confirmed the program on Gyumri Techno Park restoration

Armenian Government confirmed today the result of the competition for the Gyumri Techno Park restoration. The agreement was signed between the Republic of Armenia and Restoration and Development international bank. The agreement costs 1 milliard 670 million 913.936 AMD and the “Baghramyanshin” and “Akhuryan coopshin” companies are the winners of the competition.

Press service of Armenian Government informs about this.  

Now the restoration plan of the Gyumri Techno Park is fulfilled. Nearly 6.500 m2 territory will be created and the whole technological center of the town will be transferred here.

The competition was held for the restoration of the building. According to the Armenian Government’s decision the sport hall at the address Gayi Street N1 and the strip around it will be given to the “D-link international PTE LTD” company with 15 years term without any rent. The noted organization is ready to make investment of 3.5 million USD.

It is supposed that the investment will assist to organize effective the restoration of the Gyumri Techno Park. Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan noted that 30 % grown has been registered in this sphere for the last ten years and it is a stable grown. “Five companies which are known for the whole world have announced that Armenia is their regional center. It means that we will have great grown in this sphere during the coming ten years. This small project is one of the best examples of the cooperation between state and local organizations and it will work in Gyumri. We will create new places of work and we will give a new breathe to the town. It will be obvious in coming some years.”

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