“Professional ethics guide-book for the politicians” is published and presented

“Professional ethics guide-book for the politicians” has been published which is worked out by the “Armenian association of political sciences” with cooperation of Armenian graduates in the USA. Hayk Qotanjyan, head of the national strategic researches institute, doctor of the political sciences noted during the presentation of the guide book that a big group of the experts worked out on the project and a large range of the politicians has discussed it. Benjamin Pogosyan, one of the co-authors of the guide book presented it to the presents.

“The book exists from four parts. The principles of fairness, academic freedom and tolerance are on the base of this work. The experience of the USA, Russia, Germany, Canada, Great Britain is taken into consideration while it was created”, he noted and added that the professional ethics book-guide is the index of the current sphere and is an important stimulus for its development.

“It gives opportunity to define the professional freedom of the current sphere and also it let protect the professional rights”, B. Pogosyan said.

Note that the book-guide exists from 12 pages and its publication is sponsored by the US State Department.

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