The enemy again bombarded Tavush region villages at night

Armenian-Azerbaijani border at Tavush region is really strained during the last days. Azerbaijani snipers bombard Armenian villages near the border.

According to Nerqin Karmirakhbyur and Aygepar villages of Tavush region have been bombarded during the last night. The correspondent of the web-site spoke with the residents of the village to find out some details of the case.

 -They have started to shot at the village at nearly 23:00 at night. At first they were just some 2-3 shots and it was not so noticeable. We thought that it would be stopped soon as they were hardly heard. But the shots became more intensive at midnight and it lasted for some hours,-resident of the village Zina Israelyan told

-Did they shot in the air or towards the targets?

-The neighbors told that the situation was hard in Aygepar. They shot just towards the roofs of the houses but fortunately no one has suffered. We have switched off the lights for safety and closed the gas in order not to become a target. People were mostly in the cellars in Aygepar. Our village is far from the positions 1 km but they are far from 300 km from the positions.

-Were there such shots before as well?

-They have shot also before but it was the first time they shot so intensively after the cease-fire regime was established. As the men said they were fired from DSHK and PK, said Roza Galstyan, another resident of the village. We have got used to the fire but such shots have not been heart for a long time.  

-Do they usually fire during the day or night?

-They get more active usually at night. There are gardens near the village and we had looked after them till last night. But this year we have not managed to approach the gardens an all. They have shot all the time. We took the animals to the border to eat green but now we do not approach the border-said Roza Galstyan.

-We have used to such situation and we know what to do. For example if we went out of the home yesterday may be we would also be damaged,-Zina Israelyan said. We switch off the lights when they start to fire. Then we close the gas and keep us away from the windows. If we have any safe place we escape there, for example, in cellars. Even the small children have used to the sounds of the fire. They are stressed and become sick.

The border at the Nerkin Karmiraghbyur village is protected mostly by the contract soldiers. As the residents of the village told they were not going to leave their homes and added: “But unfortunately we only hear grea words about the support. No one will leave the village but there is no need to make the situation strainer”.

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