V. Hovhannisyan does not believe in social inquiries

Representative of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau Vahan Hovhannisyan does not believe in the pre-electoral social inquiries so much.

As V. Hovhannisyan told during the press-conference today he was sure that even those who order such inquiries also did not believe in the results. “People are cautious and they do not answer correctly to this question. If they have called to your home this means that they know your address and know your name. So this does not mean that the inquiry is anonymous”. Hovhannisyan also reminded that the inquiries predicted 3-4 % voices for ARF during the last elections but ARF got 17 % then.

ARF member also does not trust in the objectivity of the organizations which hold inquiry. “For example Pan-Russian center of the public opinion studies is an institute which is not trustable as its measures to get money are already found out.”

Referring to the existence of the fake organizations the speaker noted that “it is told the Gallup is not the real and world known organization”.

As a conclusion of his words Vahan Hovhannisyan said: “Not very clean organizations are invited to Armenia and these offices work by order and do not present the real results they get”.

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