EBU will fine Armenia for not participating in the “Eurovision 2012”

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) fined Armenia for withdrawing from “Eurovision-2012” song contest to be held later this month in Baku. According to Russian media the Director of Media Relations of Geneva-based EBU Annika Nyberg-Frankenhauzer told ITAR-TASS about this on May 2.

According to her, the decision was taken by Television Committee and the EBU reference group after studying the case. As a result, Armenia will make a contribution for participation in the contest, as well as to pay 50 percent of the contribution as a penalty. Nyberg-Frankenhauzer did not report the amount of contribution for Armenia. In addition, the Armenian Public Television must show the final of the contest “live and without interruptions,” and in case of refusing country “may lose the right to participate in the contest in 2013”, added the representative of the Union.

 Nyberg-Frankenhauzer explained that the verdict does not take into account the motives because of which Yerevan have decided not to send their singers to Baku. “There are regulations, and after a certain period of time a country wishing to take part in the competition, can not change its decision” – she said, explaining that this is what happened in the case of Armenia – the refusal was reported, “when all the terms of this out. “

On February 24 a group of Armenian pop singer issued a statement refusing to take part in “Eurovision 2012”. Armenian singers noted all hostile actions which Azerbaijan has done against Armenia and announced that they would not leave for Baku to participate in the concert. Besides this Azerbaijanis did not guarantee for the safety of the participants.

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