Turkish historian will answer for his offensive announcements against an Armenian at the court

An application will be presented against head of the Armenian department of the Turkish institute of history Kemal Cicek as during he expressed discrimination against Armenian Karo Palyan who participated in a debate against him. The program was broadcasted on April 25 by CNN Turk TV channel and is called “Neutral zone”. During the program K. Cicek offended Armenian K. Palyan.

As Armenian tert.am informs referring to “Agos” weekly Turkish Human Rights office will present an application to the court.

“Love Turkey or leave Turkey”, Cicek told Karo during the program.

The human rights protection office released a message according which Cicek directed on Karo as a target.

“As Hrant Dink once was called to the municipality and was warned not to continue on the same way otherwise it will be bad for him nor Kemal Cicek warns Karo that if he continues speak in the same way he will make Turkish society angry”.

Cicek also applied to Palyan saying that he could die in California as his ancestors did.

The human rights protection office also applied to the announcer of the program Ahmed Haqan for not noticing such racist announcements. The office will offer the court to engage the announcer as a witness. The office claims that these offensive announcements are directed not only against K. palyan but also against all Armenians.  The organization is also going to give a press conference today.

The program “Neutral zone” had a headline “1915: common pain” on April 25. 

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