S. Sargsyan: “We have done everything to hold good elections in our country”

On May 3 Armenian President, Chairman of Republican Party of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan hosted CIS Vice Chairman Vladimir Garkun and the leader of the mission staff Yevgeni Slobada.

Armenian President welcomed the leaders of the CIS mission and ensured that the work would be effective.

“We have done everything to hold good elections in our country. We aim the elections to be free and appropriate to the democratic standards and the results to be trustful both for our nation and for our counterparts. It is very important for us”, S. Sargsyan said.

Leader of the diplomatic mission underlined that 173 observers are now in Armenia and nearly all countries of the CIS are included in the group. He also underlined that the mission groups gave special meaning to the elections in Armenia and this showed the respect towards Armenia and Armenian President.

Vladimir Garkun rated the work of the Central Electoral Committee of RA and noted that Armenian electoral codex has been reformed seriously. He also rated activities of Armenian media as positive.  

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