Announcement by “Europe-Armenia Council”: Europe is standing next to Armenia

Europe-Armenia Council has spread a declaration about the parliamentary elections in Armenia on May 6. In the declaration which was inclined to Armenpress from AEC is mentioned that the council with European Union and international society is looking forward to the elections.

“Europe-Armenia Council, jointly with the European Union and most part of the international society waits for the Parliamentarian elections in Armenia which will be held on May 6, 2012”. The announcement by the Armenia-Europe group tells about this. The announcement was presented by the Secretary General of “European friends of Armenia” organization Michael Comeback.  

“In most cases Armenian government as well as opposition, Medias and civil society will have to secure these elections to become a step directed to promising future of the country and nation.

Europe is standing next to Armenia and welcomes the significant progress of last years. There was held dialogue with opposition, amnesty was implemented, the election Code was reformed, a regular dialogue with Europe on Human rights was started, several laws and procedures were reformed concerning behavior of policemen and judges. Besides, negotiations with EU about the new Association agreement are going very fast. More and more parties cooperate with their European colleagues. AEC didn’t expect that all these positive steps would be implemented and though there are still expectations from Armenian side, we welcome the fact that so much work has already been done.

Your vote can be critical for the future of Armenia. Therefore we call the voters be active, get information about programs of parties and their political actors and first of all vote. Those who vote make the future of Armenia and help to prevent attempts of deception.

On May 6 Armenian nation will face a choice. AEC and Europe in general will follow Armenia and try to celebrate this day of democracy with you”, the declaration says.

M. Comeback also said that they are not able to give any predictions for the coming elections but they hope that “the elections will pass fair and free”.

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