A. Amaryan: “The sects participate in the elections actively and the parties cooperate with them”

“There are nearly 200-230 thousands followers of sects in Armenia and this is 10 % of the whole electorate. So a political party may appear in the National Assembly by these votes”. Leader of the “Rehabilitation organization for the people who have suffered from corrosive cults” Alexander Amaryan announced about this during the press-conference today.

He also informed that the sects will participate in the Parliament elections on May 5 actively. “And that is why the parties cooperate with them”.

According to the speaker only Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), Communist Party of Armenia and “United Armenians” do not cooperate with the sects. He said that he could not tell anything exact about those five people.

A.Amaryan underlined that Armenian legal field does not have any supervision over the sects and no punishment is defined which has its negative results. “Our church tries to keep the field clean for the last two years but it has no negotiations with the religious organizations. I think if the sects participate in the elections so the church must do the same”.

Head of the “Rehabilitation organization for the people who have suffered from corrosive cults” also noted that the religious organizations got great finances and the most part come from abroad. According to the speaker the organizations also got money from the political parties and network marketing.

“Religious literature was also brought to Armenia with other goods on 2000”, A. Amaryan noted.

The speaker also informed that the cooperation with the sects was also during the previous elections. “Sects participated in the elections last time as well.”

According to Amaryan there are 64 registered and 200 not registered religious organizations in Armenia and they do not disturb one another.

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