Earthquake hits in Azerbaijan again

Earthquake hits in Azerbaijan again in the morning. As Azerbaijani Press Agency reports quoting the Seismological Service Center two shocks were recorded in the region early morning. First quake was recorded at 07:01:01 in 14 km from the town of Zagatala. Its magnitude in the epicenter was 3.50 on Richter scale. The 3.10-magnitude second one took place at 08:18:31. No casualties have been reported. 

6-magnitude quake and 4- and 5-magnitude aftershocks were recorded in Zagatala region last evening. Most of the buildings seriously damaged as a result of 7-magnituide quake in Zagatala and Gakh regions on May 7 collapsed. Several people were hospitalized. Most of them were taken to hospital because of fear stress. The Ministry of Emergency Situations reported one was light injured during the quake last evening. 21-year old Farid Hajiomarov moving on Zagatala-Mukhakh road lost control and crashed his car against roadside tree because of fear stress. He died at site. 

According to the source the commission is investigating the consequences of the quake and details will be reported later. 

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