Armenian newspapers today: new Parliament and new Government are on agenda

“Information according which “Heritage” party is going to deny the mandates is just rumors”, vise president of the “Heritage” party Ruben Hakobyan announced, “Hayots Ashkharh” writes. “Especially those forces who played a fake opposition now gossip most of all. Now they try to blackmail “Heritage” somehow by attacking the party”, R. Hakobyan said and added that soon everything will be clear in the political field.

According to “Hraparak” Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan announced during the RPA last session that deputies must attend Parliament sessions and the issue must supervised strictly. “President Serzh Sargsyan ordered RPA members to explain the deputies whole seriousness of the issue. This time the absences will not be apologized. And the deputies must not only attend the sessions but must also show political activeness and make some announcements. Some deputies considered that if they must attend the sessions certainly so it means that they will not create a coalition and they will have to provide votes by their party themselves”, the newspaper writes.

According to “Zhokhovurd” leader of the “Rule of Law” party Arthur Baghdasaryan informed his party members that they will have two ministerial positions and they will be positions of Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Emergency Situations. The newspaper also writes that fraction of Armenian National Congress (ANC) in the Parliament will be led by ANC coordinator Levon Zurabyan.

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