N. Bordyuzha: “Armenia is a complete member of the CSTO and will get support when needs it”

Armenia is a complete member of the CSTO and if there is any aggressive step towards Armenia so CSTO countries will certainly support Armenia”. CSTO Secretary General Nicolay Bordyuzha announced about this during the TV-bridge between Yerevan, Moscow, Kiev, Astana and Kishinev. Bordyuzha made this announcement while commenting on CSTO attitude towards Nagorno-Karabakh issue.

CSTO Secretary General underlined that the Presidents of the CSTO member-countries are discussing now issues about the security and the further steps are also on agenda.

“CSTO is a consisted organization and the world recognizes it. The organization acts effectively. CSTO was created by great efforts as every country has its national interest here.”

Referring to the CSTO military exercises in Armenia N. Bordyuzah said that the Republic of Armenia is getting ready actively. Now some details concerning the trainings are on agenda.

“The preparations are going on actively. Armenian side is really active. Armenian President invited the Presidents of CSTO member-countries to attend the military exercises which will take place on September, 2012, in Armenia.

The first staff negotiations have already taken place and soon the second staff negotiations will take place. Six countries will participate in the military exercises which means that CSTO all members countries except Uzbekistan will participate in them”, CSTO Secretary General informed.

Answering to the question on European anti racket systems Bordyuzha noted that CSTO is following the negotiations between Russian Federation, European Union and the USA.

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